Regional Bicycle Parking Program

About The Regional Parking Program

The Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition launched the Regional Bicycle Parking Program in 2018. Since its inception, the program has resulted in 450 bike racks (900 bike parking spots), and eight fix-it stations located on public lands and businesses in the Tahoe Basin.

The environmental impacts of automobile congestion are a major concern to the fragile ecosystems surrounding Lake Tahoe and Truckee. Traffic delays contribute to high levels of carbon monoxide and reduce the quality of experience for visitors, quality of life for residents, and the quality of the environment for everyone. Studies out of UC Davis’ Sustainable Transportation Center have concluded that providing secure and proximate bicycle parking is a main factor in encouraging increased ridership. 

Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition launched the Regional Bicycle Parking Program in the Tahoe Basin to help implement TRPA and local plans, goals, and policies. The Coalition began with a bike parking needs assessment conducted by TRPA with support from LTBC in 2016. A similar effort was undertaken in Truckee in 2015 with the Trails and Bikeways Master Plan. By increasing bicycle parking the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition will help implement TRPA and The Town of Truckee’s plans, goals, and policies, and increase bicycle ridership which would result in a reduction in air pollution.

Current Projects

 The Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition now offers low or no-cost bike racks to interested businesses in Truckee, made possible through a generous grant from the Lahontan Community Foundation Fund held at the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation. The program is designed to encourage locals and visitors to ride their bikes around lakeside communities instead of driving.

Businesses interested in bike racks are invited to apply until August 15, 2022 (on the Google Form). The Coalition is offering Hoop Runner or “Inverted-U” Style bike racks with bolt-down and free-standing versions available. Interested businesses will be selected by the Bike Coalition based on criteria that include their ability to provide matching funds, experienced or projected bike rack use, and community benefit based on surrounding businesses or services.

The Bike Coalition will be responsible for all orders, shipping, and delivery of the bike racks on behalf of the selected businesses, with deliveries expected in October and November of 2022.


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Truckee businesses, apply here for bike racks!